Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, 2009.  My brother, Dan, and his wife, Carol hosted us as they do every Thanksgiving.  It was great and I know we all feel so blessed.  We were able to give thanks because our one sibling who was not there, Karen, found out the day before that she gets to start a new job with Dade County on Monday.  Don and Frani were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.  She was wearing a beautiful string of pearls and matching earrings.

It was the year to celebrate the newest generation.  Chris and Sarah brought the newest member of the family, Quentin Christopher.  Lisa and Chip had Will and are expecting a brother or sister for Will next June.  Liz and Roland brought Ian, soon to be 18 months old.  Savannah, our princess, was their with her Dad and Mom, Mark and Carol.  Adam and Melissa did not come to Cincinnati as they are expecting a sister or brother to Mae in the next three weeks.

Tim called me the other day with the realization that our grandparents, Fred and Norine, were married 100 years ago!  They were married on December 16th, 1909.  We are trying to figure out a way to recognize the anniversary -- one they never celebrated.

Fred Breving has emailed out his 2009 Santa schedule.  Rose and Don just back from visiting John and his family in Florida.  At yesterday's Turkey Day race in Cincinnati, Liz and Roland had fantastic times and I know that Susan and her husband Gary ran as did my brother Don and his daughter Haley.  Linda and Karah walked the 6.2 miles.

Bill and I did not go to the race but hung out with Ian.  Bill put up the train for Ian in the living room, and if Ian is awake, the train must be running.

Dan and Carol are about to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary on November 28th.  Rian will be sweet sixteen on December 15th and is starting to drive.  Linda will still be younger than I am on December 16th -- the 100th Wedding Anniversary of Fred and Norine.

Patty and Tom Volz celebrated the third-year anniversary of becoming grandparents to three additional grandchildren adopted by her daughter, Shannon, and her husband.  Shannon put a video of the celebration on facebook.  It was quite touching.

So to summarize, the descendants of Fred and Norine are doing quite well.  We all know the meaning of family and we're keeping it going with the youngest additions to our families.  This is just a snapshot.  How full our lives are -- and how thankful we are for our blessings.