Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Families of Cincinnati, Ohio

The Hamilton County Genealogical Society encourages amateur genealogists to research their families and try to trace their history in Cincinnati.  Two years ago, I was able to get an award for documenting that our family was in Cincinnati before 1860.  The recognition everyone wants to get is one for "First Families" -- those who can prove their family was here before December 31, 1820.  During this past year, I was able to prove to the satisfaction of the reviewers that William Wainright, his wife Ruth Wright, and their son, Britton, were here in 1819.  They are even listed in the City Directory.  Britton was born here. 

Today I was honored at a luncheon held at the Hilton Netherland Plaza downtown.  It was really a nice honor.  I received the medal with the blue and white ribbon pictured above.  Two years ago I received the medal on the right.

On the left is a copy of the narrative in the program.
One of the reasons I'm so interested in submitting our family history to the Genealogical Society is that they will eventually digitize the entire record and donate it to the Historical Society.  This would mean that even if all of my records were lost, they would be available for our ancestors should one of our descendants want to research our family.

Not all of the recipients were present to be recognized.  One lived as far as California and another in Florida. Pictured above are the Settlers and Builders and First Families recipients who were able to attend.

Bill attended with me and photographed most of the pictures.  He was able to capture this one as they gave me a framed certificate and a medal. 

They've started a new recognition for families that were in Cincinnati more than a century ago.  This will enable me to submit the Ryans and Vonderheides in the next couple of years.  I hope I represented all the Joneses and Wainrights well.