Friday, October 29, 2010

More Vonderheide Pictures

After my initial posts on August Henry Vonderheide and his wife, Anna Moser, I was contacted by Val and Cindy Vonderheide of Wichita, Kansas. They read of my interest in the house in Wyoming that had been torn down and replaced with the Board of Education. They dug through their family pictures and sent me several priceless pictures, including a picture of the house.

416 Springfield Pike, Wyoming, Ohio

They also had several pictures of a young August and his wife, Anna -- some copied from very old tin-type pictures. In the second picture, August is in the middle. We are unsure of the identity of the other two.

In an earlier post, I had mentioned a newspaper article on the occasion of August's 80th birthday that said that August was the first clerk in the first Kroger store started by B.H. Kroger. Val and Cindy had a picture -- August is on the right, and we believe that it is Barney Kroger on the left.

They also had an additional picture of the Valley Shoe Store that appeared to be taken earlier than other pictures I have.

A long-time former mayor of Elmwood found this picture of August in his shoestore and sent it to me.

Here is a picture of Anna and August as a young married couple.

Thanks to Val and Cindy, I have enough pictures to perhaps put together a photoshow at a later date. For now, let me end this post with a picture of the entire family: Anna, August, Virginia and Val.

Note: Should you want copies of any of these pictures for your own library, you should be able to "right-click" on the image and save it to your computer.


  1. This last photo amazes me. August is my great-great grandfather. In this photo, he looks just like my cousin! I keep comparing their photos, and cannot believe how it almost appears to be the same person, although separated by 4 generations!

  2. Should you be "anonymous" who posted the comment above, I'd love to email you and find out where you fit in. Just email me at and put Vonderheide in the subject line. We had a similar experience when we met some Vonderheides in Germany. One of the brothers had a striking resemeblance to August and they, too, were separated by several generations.
    Kathy Reed


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