Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's My Birthday -- No Foolin'

I've always enjoyed the fact that I was born on the 1st of April.  April represents new beginnings after we're all tired of winter.  It usually coincides with Easter, as it does this year.  Everyone's on guard for "April Fools" jokes.

My mother was pregnant with me at the same time her sister, Evelyn, was pregnant with her first-born.  Aunt Evelyn was due April 18th.  My mother was due April 22nd.  This was going to be (to quote Joe Biden) a BIG DEAL!  I can tell you that being the oldest grandchild has its perks.  Although I was the 4th grandchild on my Dad's side, at least I had the good sense to be born female.  This picture shows me with Bill Hansen and Chuck McCafferty with our g-grandather, August Vonderheide.  We were all born between April and May.

The best story of all is that my mother feared she was infertile!  It took her six months to get pregnant -- and apparently, they were really trying!  Both parents, and Grandma Ryan, were absolutely convinced I was going to be a boy.  It had something to do with the way my mother was "carrying me".

So I "fooled" them on all counts.  Even the bus company newsletter where my Dad was employed at the time published my birth announcement noting that my Dad expected a boy.  I'm not sure if my Dad was at work when this happened, but the story I recall was that my mother called her mother to say she needed to get to the hospital.  Grandma was not about to fall for that April Fool's joke -- and told my mother that.  After all, Aunt Evelyn was due first!

I guess my mother was convincing, because she got to Bethesda Hospital and had me at 11:55 AM (if I recall correctly).  Chuck, Aunt Evelyn's first-born, was born on his due date.  I won!  There ended up being 25 grandchildren.  I was first and Kathy Ryan Busken was last.  Both Kathleens were bookends.

I can't end this post without saying that today I am 61 years old!  With my age comes the freedom to blog and do other things for my own entertainment and enjoyment.  I feel like this blog and my family history records will be my legacy.

I'm reminded every day what a blessing my life is.  About 12 years ago, I tried to buy some 10-year term life insurance.  My agent worked very hard trying to find a company, any company, that was willing to bet I would live to be 60!  That certainly got my attention.

So I write this with the joy that comes with having such a wonderful family.  My husband, Bill, has put up with me for 23 years.  I have THE BEST daughter in the world, Liz.  She has a wonderful husband, Roland.  They have given me the opportunity to be a grandparent to Ian, now 22 months old.  And best of all, I am relatively healthy -- it's all relative.

Sunday will be Easter and I will get to spend it with my wonderful Jones family.  Due to facebook, I'm more in touch with cousins than I have been in years.  So I'm one happy Jones/Reed.

Thank you so much for reading along.  NO FOOLIN'!  And thanks, Mom, we did this together 61 years ago.

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