Thursday, August 26, 2010

To My Faithful Followers

During the past month, I have not posted, but I have been VERY BUSY. I have so much material to compile -- in October.

I've explored additional roots and found out about three Civil War veterans in our family history. I've requested their pension files, but it takes about six weeks.

I also documented three more family members for "Settlers and Builders" status. This is a lineage society within the Hamilton County Genealogical Society. You must prove, with complete documentation, that they were in Cincinnati before December 31st, 1860. The documentation has been accepted.

The wonderful thing about this is that these records will eventually be digitized and preserved by the Cincinnati Historical Society.

In about ten days, Bill and I will be heading to Ireland and Scotland. One of the places we will visit is Pallasgrean, Co. Limerick. Our Ryans emigrated from this small town. I wish we had more time than we do to explore these beautiful countries, but I am grateful for the opportunities we have.

Just say a prayer that we both stay well and out of trouble. I can't wait to get back to this blog and share with all of you all of the new information I have collected. Love . . .


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