Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking Stock -- Dad's 91st Birthday

It seems like every year on September 30th, I find myself "taking stock."  Where am I in my life now? What do I anticipate for the future?

My Dad died way too young at the age of 57.  I was pregnant with my daughter at the time.  He knew he was going to be a Grandfather again.  He also knew he would not live to see her. So let me see if I can get a few thoughts down on "paper."

Dear Dad,
This year I guess I'm in a more reflective mood than usual.  ALL of your children and grandchildren could benefit from your wisdom today.  I believe that it was on this date four years ago that my daughter had her pregnancy officially confirmed.  I saw it as a sign.  Her son, Ian, is now 3 years old and the love of his parents and six grandparents. 

Liz just confirmed for me that she and Roland are going to have a second son.  (I was hoping for a granddaughter for me and a daughter for her, but we couldn't be happier).  It looks as if we will have another beautiful grandchild sometime in February.  I'm taking it as a sign.

Your son, Tim, was just diagnosed with renal cancer.  He is going through his pre-op appointment today and a second bone scan tomorrow.  Surgery to remove the cancerous tumor is scheduled for next Wednesday.  I'm taking it as a sign.

All of us would love to have a conversation with you today.  You've walked the path before us and we could all use your advice today.

Thinking of you has made me get busy on my second blog.  For the past three years, I've told everyone that I would work on a blog that only discusses the Jones line, the Ohio River, and the boats that have been a part of our family.  I've finally started on it.  I'm calling it "A River Runs Through Us."  You can link to it here.

I'm sure you are aware that you now have 10 great-grandchildren with another on the way.  Perhaps they'll get to know you some day by reading these blogs.

Could you please get together with Mom and be with our family right now?  We want to keep Tim (AKA Karen's favorite brother) around to bug for a long time to come.  Besides he is the oral family historian and I need him.

We love and miss you.



  1. This comment was posted by Rose Kramer on the chat site. I just had to copy it here.

    Oh Kath, I am sitting here crying after I read your note to your DAD. I sure did love him and I want to share some peanut butter and crackers and some gooy cake from Fischers and eat it in the kitchen at 2424 Eastern. I loved your Dad and will never forget our happy times together. Happy Birthday Uncle Johnny!! XO


  2. I rushed right over to your blog to see if you revealed the gender of the baby. You did! Yay!

  3. I'm posting this response from my brother Tim --

    Cousin Rose,

    I would love to share some gooy cake from Fishers and I would pay for it. But it cost 13 1/2 cents, and I never figured how to come up with that amount.

    Your Mom's Godson and favorite nephew,

  4. Touching letter, Kathy. There are those days when we so wish we could have just one more conversation. Congrats on the new grandboy - and prayers for your brother.

  5. Kathy, what a lovely letter!

    My family just passed the one year mark on loosing our Dad. I can relate to wanting one last conversation.

    What a special gift you have shared! Thanks.

  6. Hi Kathy came over from a post that I have now forgotten the name. Noticed your Jones comment. My husband's father was an orphan, John Carlisle Jones and we knew nothing. I was able to find some info but cannot find the first of that family to come to Kentucky. Do you have a family tree or any way to share info?
    My e-mail is on my profile.


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