Sunday, November 13, 2011

You're in the Right Place -- Changing the Blog Format

View of Cincinnati and Ohio River from Anderson Park
Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with some fellow genealogists who are creating their own blogs for the first time.  I've had trouble teaching them to use the new blogger template because Family Matters was designed with a template that was developed in 2004.  It had limitations.  I could not add "pages" to my blog using this template.  Those are the tabs at the top of the blog where I hope to add information not suitable for a post but that may be of interest to my family members over the long term. I also discovered that I was having difficulty posting in the old format if I was working in the new dashboard interface. I kept getting error messages I never used to get.

So I'm experimenting with a new format.  One of the BIG advantages is that I will be able to post extra-large pictures because I was able to make the width of the posts larger. I could not adjust the width in the old template. The flip side is that some of the careful formatting I used in earlier posts no longer works.  Things are not positioned where I would like them to be.

Having made the plunge, it will be easy to change it from this format to a different one should we decide we don't like it.  I'd be interested in your opinion of this format.



  1. Love the new layout. Posts seem to have come through very well!

  2. It looks good. The grey is a tad hard to read. Your photos are good, large images. (I disabled Lightbox, though because it doesn't enlarge images like the old method did.)

    I changed my blog format a few weeks ago. I had to make changes on some carefully formatted posts, too. I haven't changed all of them yet so I'm sure some older posts might look a little jumbled.

    Are you happy with your new format? That's the most important thing (other than readability to viewers, I guess).

  3. hey just found your blog! so cute! i like your blog format too although i didn't see it before ; ) i'm from ohio too! xo

  4. I like it because the pictures and work seems sharper.

  5. Kathy, I think the your new format looks great. I am still in the old with my blog and not ready to change it real soon but if I should decide, I know it will take some getting use to. The new layouts have alot to offer - the layout you have is easy on the eyes and pleasant to read and I do like the photos larger.

  6. Looks great, Kathy. Easy on my old eyes, which I much appreciate. I like the simplicity of it.


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