Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Addendum to "Why I'm Grateful"

To all of my patient family and fellow bloggers who've been reading along with me this month:

OK -- here's the deal.  When you come from a really large family (note: I only have one child), you worry about acknowledging your love for ALL of them as equally as possible.  So what did I just do?  I put up a post on what I was grateful for in 2011 without including a great-nephew born in 2011.  My sister alerted me of the oversight -- I fixed it.  Then my brother, Tim, came by and jokingly complained that other brothers pictured in the collage had "bigger" pictures than his.  My sister, justifiably, noted that I had not posted a picture photoshopped by a colleague that included a few members of the family who could not make it last year.

If you don't know my siblings, including my "favorite" sister, please know that they are doing this in good fun.  This is along the lines of "no good deed goes unpunished."  So I'm putting up the photoshopped picture.  It differs from the others in the following ways:

1) You can see my sister, Karen, peering in the window from the outside along with her daughter, Courtney.  They live in Miami and do not come home for Christmas.
2) Karen's son, Michael, is photshopped into the middle of the picture.
3) My nephew, Brian, married Shannon last May.  She is pictured in the wedding dress.
4) My nephew, Greg, who was there for Christmas but missed Christmas Eve has also been added.
5) My great-nephew, Ben, who was not yet born at Christmas has been added as a "thought" above the picture.
6) My sister's colleague, who did all of this wonderful work for us, took the liberty of photoshopping President Obama into a picture on my brother's wall.  You would not have found that picture on my brother's wall -- perhaps on mine.

So now, I'm finished! Ted and Sally, Tim and Dusty, Karen and Bill and I have not mailed out Christmas cards, so I couldn't put them in.  Mark, who's Christmas cards the past couple of years have been a masterpiece, tweeted that his were mailed yesterday.  So I think I've included everyone.  If not, I'll help you start a blog so you can tell everyone all about it. 

With love, truly, to all of my wonderful family.  BTW -- one kid is so much easier!


P.S.  I am really grateful to have everyone in the picture.  Just don't email me that someone in the picture is more visible than you. 


  1. Cool picture. I'm no PhotoShop pro, but that looks awesome!

  2. Her colleague is really talented. I guess you can layer things, but how he got them looking in the window is beyond me. I admire his skill.

  3. and I hope somebody takes you up on starting a blog!

  4. I think I forgot the word verification for a remark I thought I made. I do think the photoshopper used layers and if he put the people under the window then he could erase parts of the window so they are looking in. I love that idea. I think I will try and get a group shot of all of us by a window so i can photo shop them in like that ;-P

  5. I am finally catching up on the last 4 posts. Love them as always and am sooo grateful for this family.

  6. Hahaha! RFLOL. Great photoshopping! Now, Kathy, are you sure Picasa is enough. Don't you want to join the play?


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