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Young Parents -- Thomas and Mary Elizabeth

Thomas and Mary Elizabeth were married on December 23, 1846. By 1848, they were parents of a little girl. Although early records list her name as "Atlanta" (I'd love to know the story behind that), later records use the nickname "Addie." Within two years, Lucy was born to the family. She is of particular interest to me because she is my great-grandmother. What I wouldn't give for a baby picture.

Lucy Probert
I can only imagine the joy followed soon after by sorrow, when their first-born son, Thomas, was born. I don't know how long Thomas lived, but their must have been complications. Little Thomas was buried in the Lexington Cemetery on November 21, 1854 followed a week later by the burial of his mother on November 28, 1854. I assume she died from the complications of childbirth.

Lexington Cemetery Record
Records like this always break my heart. Of the eleven family members buried here, two are children and two are infants. Baby Thomas is buried at the feet of his mother.

Grave of Mary Elizabeth Probert and Infant Son, Thomas
Thomas was 30 and a widower with two young daughters. Mary Elizabeth died at the age of 29.

A couple of months earlier, Thomas also lost his mother. She was only 51 years old and was living in Louisville with one of her daughters at the time of her death from cancer.

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953, Louisville, Jefferson Co., p. 3.

As any parent of two young children knows, you need a support system. Where was Thomas' support?
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