Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anna and August

Anna was a beauty. She was the only daughter of Friedrich and Francisca Wocker (see earlier post).
She grew up on the same block as Mother of God Church, living at times with her mother and father at 218 W. 6th Street and at times next door at 216 W. 6th Street with her grandparents. August was living down the street in a house that has since been torn down.

Anna was born on September 23, 1876 in Covington, KY to Friedrich and Francisca Moser. She was baptized on October 1, 1876 at St. Aloysius Church.

I am confused by the marriage record for Anna and August. I have a very clear record for their marriage that states that they were married by a judge on March 2, 1897. I have record from Mother of God Church, written in Latin that is difficult to read.

I know they were married at Mother of God, but I can't read the month, the day is the 9th, and the "dispensation" column to the right says something in Latin that is quite blurry. I know the witnesses were John Casper Deye and Joseph Vonderheide.

Both children, Virginia and Val, were born in Covington. They lived on Holman Street. I know I've posted this picture of Virginia before, but as it is one of my favorites, I'm posting it again.

I'm hoping to get a picture of Val Vonderheide as a child that I can add to this post.

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