Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Baptismal Gown

One of our most cherished family traditions is a baptismal gown that grandma Ryan sewed for the use of her grandchildren. According to Aunt Evelyn, Grandma was shopping in downtown Cincinnati and saw a baptismal gown in a store window. It cost about $100 in 1949. She carefully looked at the gown and came home and made a similar three-piece ensemble, including a hat.

I was the first one to wear it, followed within weeks by Chuck McCafferty and Bill Hansen. I called Aunt Evelyn this morning to get the current "count". As of today, 88 babies have worn some or all of this outfit at the time of their baptism. Aunt Evelyn also added that Mary Clara is having her third child in August and that Rob and Lydia are expecting their second child in January 2011. So we will soon be up to 90 baptisms! I wonder how long the gown will be able to physically hold up.

Pictured is Lisa Marie Jones held by her mother, Dusty. I was also able to find a picture of Grandma holding Lisa. I'm sure as a first time grandmother that she could never have anticipated that this garment would now be worn by her great-great grandchildren. What a legacy!

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