Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grandpa Roy Ryan -- 111th Anniversary of His Birth

I loved my Grandpa, Roy Ryan. As the first-born child and grandchild on my maternal side, I had the pleasure of knowing this gentle family man in ways that my younger siblings and cousins did not get the opportunity to experience.  He was Irish (if you ignore that his mother was of German ethnicity) and probably a good yin to my grandmother's yang.

In keeping with tradition, Grandpa was my Godfather and my Dad's mother, Norine, was my Godmother.  "Tradition" resulted in two great role models for me. I was baptized on my Grandfather's birthday, 62 years ago today.  That's me he's holding in the picture on the left.

I've written about Grandpa several times before.  You can search his name on the blog if you want to read more -- there is so much more.  If you missed the photoshow I posted for him, and want to get all emotional, click on the link and spend a few minutes with Grandpa.  What a great date for a birthday -- April 10th, 1900!


  1. Kathy
    Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. Great Story, Great Memories !!!

  2. Stopping by from geneabloggers. Im a new follower and lool forward to reading about your genealogy research.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Haven't had a chance to drop by in a while, and you've added some amazing posts while I've been away. The Yuri one is fascinating. I made a scrapbook of John Glenn's flight when i was in 8th grade and still have it! Shared it with my son's class when he went up last. This post is a lovely memory of your dear grandpa. Wouldn't he be surprised (as all our families would) to find their stories shared so widely? BTW, I saw the great profile of you at Geneabloggers. A pleasure to read!


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