Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm 62 -- No Foolin'

Once upon a time I was cute!  (Don't ask me what happened).  But I'm celebrating today because it's my birthday!  This year I've been posting pictures of my siblings as each of their birthdays rolls around, so I decided to do the same for myself today.

I'm the oldest of seven and the first grandchild of 25 on my mother's side of the family -- so I guess it shouldn't really be a big surprise that I would be the one who became most interested in our family's history.

It just so happened that I discovered that the Ohio Genealogical Society was having its annual conference in Columbus over my birthday.  I have never attended before. A cousin I discovered through Ancestry, Barbara Pharo, thought it would be fun to attend together.  Barbara's birthday is in a few days so the birthday excuse sounded good to her, too.  But Barbara lives in Tampa.  She came anyway.

We are having a great time in sunny, cold Columbus.  Yesterday we attended workshops on writing your family history and tracing your Irish ancestors.  In the evening, we attended a dinner where I received a "Century Families" recognition for proving that nine direct ancestors were living in Ohio before 1911.  Tonight is a dinner recognizing three Civil War ancestors. Tomorrow may bring yet another recognition -- we'll see.

Thanks to everyone who posted so many wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook today!


  1. Happy Birthday Kathleen. What a treat to be at the convention (I'm a member), with a cousin at that. Enjoy, and I'm looking forward in reading your report. Cheers.

  2. Congrats! for the awards. You are a very special cousin and I love reading your blogs. Your pics remind me a little of what I remember of Margaret Ann Jones looked like if you hair was red back then. Have a wonderful time at the convention and looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Betty A

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a good time at OGS.

  4. jeanne Scardina VeenemanApril 1, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    Happy, happy birthday!

  5. happy birthday! sounds like a great conference.

  6. Were cute? You still look pretty cute as far as I can tell! Happy, happy birthday. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

  7. Happy Birthday Kathy! You share a birthday with my 33 year old son! We celebrated last night and will again tonight as his sister is coming into town as a surprise. Hope you had a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  8. Happy belated birthday! Guess I'm a bit late, but better late than never I suppose. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law's birthdays were April 1st as well. A very good day for wonderful people!


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