Monday, July 4, 2011

Livin' the Dream! Becoming an American . . .

On this, the 235th birthday of the United States of America, we need to pause and think about what that means.  If you've never been to a swearing-in ceremony for new American citizens, you really should try to attend one.  First of all, I think you'll be amazed at the diversity of new citizens.  There was a ceremony here in Cincinnati last week, and I believe they said that the new citizens came from 40 different countries.

My son-in-law, Roland, became a citizen in 2008.  He is Hungarian from Venezuela.  Go figure.  He and my daughter met in college and were married years later.  It took him 13 years to become a citizen and jump through all of the hoops.  He does not take his citizenship for granted.

His parents defected from Hungary which at the time was under Communist rule.  His Dad tells stories of friends just "disappearing" from the streets.  Life was good in Venezuela, but now it is ruled by a dictator whose policies very much remind them of the country they abandoned.  It is painful for them to see it happening again.

So as you fire up the grill today and rejoice in the patriotic music and skies full of fireworks, take a few minutes to think of the blessings you have, just by virtue of having been born here. Happy birthday, USA!   May we find a way to live up to the "idea" of you.


  1. jeanne Scardina VeenemanJuly 4, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Happy 4th, What a wonderful story, so happy for Roland!

  2. Love this post Kathy! Hurray for your son-in-law for doing it *the right way*!! We must all guard our freedoms so we don't go the way of Venezuela!

  3. Wonderful post, great story, nice photos, thanks for sharing it. Happy 4th to Roland, a welcome citizen.

  4. Wonderful post, Kathy! We do need to think of more than just that one Fourth of July.

  5. Nice photo of your son-in-law grilling in the uncle same hat.

  6. Congratulations Roland. Sometimes it seems that the naturalized citizens know more and care more about this country that the people born here.


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