Saturday, September 19, 2009

Patty Scardina Volz's Comments

As my husband reminded me Kathy the photo was to aggravate not only Sis but my mother too! I now realize where Margaret got her Wander lust from, Pop! I can't stay in one place either, so I guess it has passed down to me too! I was only 12 yrs old when Gi Gi passed and I remember crying and saying to Rose, you were the luckiest one to have known her the Longest!! Gi Gi was the BEST grandmom a kid could have. Poor Pop would hide the Carmels when we came over b/c we would wipe him out! Bull hoof for dinner on Sat. nites and overnites with Jeanne listening to the Traffic right on Eastern Ave and the trains in the back was a wonderful memory, remember, we lived in the Country!

My mom was one of 5 and again I am the oldest of 5 so I guess you could say I too have many memories of Gi. It was NO secret that she loved her girls and of course no secret that my mom wanted all boys (ha ha Mom) but one of the last things Gi Gi bought me was when I was 12, a fuzzy white 4 inch thick Headband which I still have to this day. How many of the other grands can say that????? I will have to show you the next time we get together, and I am glad to say it warms my heart that Fred was bored to tears when Jan used to come to Sis to have fun with the Girls, sounds like he did get to do a lot with our Pop!

Patty Scardina Volz

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