Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Perfect Family" minus one

I love this picture. Rosemary Kramer let me copy it. She told me that it was taken shortly after my Dad, Johnny was born and they "thought" their family was complete. Pictured from left to right are: Fred (boy, is he handsome!), the "baby" Johnny, the big sister, Edith, big brother, Charley, youngest brother, Bob, and Norine. Little did they know at the time that their family would be completed with the birth of Margaret Ann years later. What a beautiful family!

The family was living on Eastern Ave., across from Highland Elementary and down the street from the beloved St. Rose Church.

The picture of the house was taken in 2001. When Jan and Pop owned it, it was painted bus company yellow as Rosemary would say. You can refer back to the blog on Pop with the buses to see that color.

Fred and Norine became the parents of five children:

Edith was born June 14, 1910
Charles Frederick was born July 4, 1911
Robert Leo was born July 15, 1918
John Thomas was born September 30, 1920
Margaret Ann was born January 22, 1928

After seven years, it is no wonder that Fred and Norine thought they had the perfect, and complete, family. From what I've heard, however, Margaret Ann was a delightful and cherished addition to the family. I'll have to let the Scardinas fill in the blanks about that when we get to the next generation.

The Scardinas let me copy this picture of their mother, Margaret Ann, the small child in the middle of the picture. It was taken in 1929 when Margaret Ann was two. I'm told she is surrounded by other East End friends. Note the river to the right and St. Rose Church in the background to the left. Love those nickers . . .

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