Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today was a beautiful but very cold day in Cincinnati.  It was also the 100th Anniversary of the wedding of Fred and Norine Jones.  Ever since I've known the date of their anniversary, I've resolved (but never followed through) on commemorating it in some way.  I picked up a dozen roses and headed to St. Rose Church.  I walked to the river bank and took a few pictures, knowing that the Ohio River of 100 years ago was not nearly as wide as the river I was viewing.

Several years ago the Church secretary had helped me make a copy of the marriage record for Fred and Norine.  I knocked on the door and told her I wanted to commemorate their wedding anniversary.  She gave me free reign in the Church.

First stop -- a statue of the Blessed Virgin where I lit a candle in their memory.  I then went up to the altar and looked up into that beautiful domed ceiling with the stars.  The sunlight was streaming in through the stained-glass windows and everything in the Church seemed so alive.

I had not noticed in the past that in front of the altar they have a beautiful rose inlaid in the wooden floor.  Since I had brought roses, I added one to it and took a picture.  Light was streaming in the windows and as I turned around the most beautiful pipe organ stood bathed in the golden sunlight.  I couldn't believe it when the Church bells started ringing.  I guess I never realized how beautiful they sounded.

With time running short, I again thanked the Church Secretary and headed to the Walnut Hills Cemetery.  It was such a great feeling to finally be able to acknowledge my grandparents' wedding anniversary with the remaining roses.

So Happy 100th Anniversary, Jan and Pop!  You'd be proud of the family you created!

Here is a short video shot that day.

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  1. I found the most unbelievable website that has panoramic pictures of the interior of St. Rose Church. Check this out:


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