Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charlie and Peg Jones

I want to personally thank Donna Kramer Roy for searching through her gold mine of family pictures to come up with this one.  No one in my family had ever seen it.  Charles Frederick Jones married Margaret (Peg) Gividen on

Never had we seen a picture of our Dad (Johnny) at age 17.  He looks like a baby -- and he has a full head of hair.  Bob is the brother pictured on the right.  Rosemary is the flower girl on the right.

I realized when I got ready to post about Uncle Charley and Aunt Peg that I was missing a lot of information.  I wondered why my branch of the family always called him "Charley" but other branches called him "Bud".  I had not been in touch with Fred and Peggy, and didn't have as many quality pictures as I would like to have.
I got in touch with Peggy and from that grew a luncheon that 19 of the "cousins" attended in January. We swapped pictures and stories and very much enjoyed our time together.

Peggy loaned me some wonderful family pictures.  I love this one of Pop as a young man holding his oldest son, "Bud".

As with all of the Jones boys of that generation, World War II defined some of the best years of their lives.  Included in the pictures Peggy loaned me were more than one of her father preparing to leave for the war.  I love this picture because I can just imagine what is going through his head.

With the departure of each son Norine and Pop gathered with them for a keepsake picture on the front porch.  They had to go through this ritual three times. Peg is pictured on the right with everyone putting on their best face.

As a pet lover, I think back to growing up and knowing that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Peg always loved their dog.  "Maggie" is the dog that comes to mind when I think of them.  Peggy tells me that this dog was named "Jigs". This picture is so special.

Following the war, "Bud" and Peg built a home in Golf Manor, as did the other two brothers.  After years of trying to have a child, they were blessed with the adoption of Fred.  Later they became the parents of Peggy (Ann) and their family was complete.  You can see from the pictures how much they relished their role as parents.

When we got together for the Cousin Luncheon, Peggy told the story that originally had been shared with me by Patty Volz. Both Peggy and her father shared a 4th of July birthday. Peggy was under the impression until about the age of five that all of the fireworks and celebration of our country's birth was all in place to celebrate her birthday. Her Dad was the one who created that illusion. I'll never think of the 4th of July in the same way again without that story in the back of my mind.

Here is my favorite picture of the "happy family" with Peg, Fred, and Bud looking adoringly at the newest and final member of their family, Peggy. As I write this I miss Aunt Peg and Uncle Charlie but know they would be so proud of what all of us have become. I put together a photoshow with all of the pictures Peggy shared with me. To view it, complete with music, go to this link: Peggy's Pics

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