Monday, March 29, 2010

Don Kramer and Rosemary Breving - Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old

Once upon a fairy tale time, I got to play the role of princess.  My cousin, Rosemary, was dreaming of her wedding.  I remember being at her house on Kinmont and being shown a 8 1/2 x 11 picture of her "prince".  She told me that they were going to get married as soon as he got back from Korea.

As a kindergartner at the time, this is what I took away from that experience: (1) this was the first time I realized anything about war and that it took loved ones away from us, (2) this was the first time I had seen what "young love" looked and felt like -- especially the anticipation, and (3) I was going to get to be in the wedding.

I remember my dress. I remember a bridal shower we had at our home. During the shower, the "ladies" asked me to show them how I was going to walk down the aisle. That was probably the first time I realized how totally uncoordinated I was but I sure enjoyed being the center of attention. I remember a ride in a limousine with the rest of the bridal party to the reception in the Golf Manor Municipal Building.

It was a fairy tale -- and one of my earliest childhood memories that will stick with me forever. Don and Rose got married on April 23, 1955.  They will soon be celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary!  I'd say that's quite a milestone in anyone's book.  Note to Rose and Don -- you still have four more years before you can claim the 59 years of marriage that Pop and Norine enjoyed.  I'm looking forward to your 60th!

Don and Rose went on to become the parents of four children. Pictured are Donna, Mary Beth, Julie and John.  They are grandparents of eight -- five girls and three boys. What a great family -- and Happy Birthday, Rose!

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  1. From Rose:

    Do you want the 3 black and white photos of my bridal shower that you and your Mom gave me??? I even remember what your Mom gave me. It was a pair of white gloves with my name imprinted on them. Full name too, Rosemary. Your grandma Ryan gave me a cookie press that I just loved. It finally broke, darn it. Happy memories. Reminisce is a sure sign of old age...............


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