Saturday, March 27, 2010

Norine's Birthday

Norine Dailey Cronin Jones (my grandmother) was born on this day in 1884.  It was hard for me to even type 1884 as I realize that those 126 years include parts of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.  If Norine were alive, one thing we would know for sure -- she would not be drawing attention to her birthday and would be unwilling to reveal her age.

In anticipation of Norine's birthday, I was considering which picture to post on facebook in recognition of the event.  When I logged on this morning, there was a message from Rose Kramer:
Did you know that when we lived on Drakewood Dr in Oakley, Pop drove GAN to stay with me for the day and we would sew? At exactly 4pm he picked her up again. Her goal during lent was to make a garment a week which she accomplished easily. By then we had 3 Scardina girls and Mary Beth to sew for!!!!   Love you, Rosemary
That made choosing a picture simple.  Recently, Rosemary sent me a few additional pictures from her family collection.  I love this one which pictures Rose and Norine visiting Spring Mill State Park in Indiana in 1948.

I know the following picture is fuzzy.  I "extracted" it from a video taken in 1957 when the family came together to celebrate my First Communion.  Norine is toasting the occasion with a glass of wine.

Although the picture may not be clear, her happiness is.  So here is a toast to you, Norine, on your 126th!

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  1. I took the liberty of copying Rose's comments from an email she sent to me following this post.

    I was reading the St Anthony Messenger this am. The article on climbing the steps reminded me of my trip with Gan. In those days we took the #27 streetcar down to the bottom of the steps which was on Eastern Ave. Now they start at Columbia pkwy. It was just the 2 of us enjoying the climb. I will never forget that day! When I worked at the phone co. we climbed the last flight near the church as many of my coworkers lived in Mt Adams.


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