Sunday, March 28, 2010

Margaret Ann Jones and Anthony Scardina

Margaret Ann, the youngest of five children, was born on January 22, 1928.  She had to be a very welcome surprise.  Norine was 43 years old when she Margaret Ann arrived on the scene.  There was a gap of eight years between my Dad and his younger sister.  It is no wonder that she was treated like a princess.

When the cousins got together, Rose told us that until she came along, Margaret Ann was always dressed in either blue or white because she was "dedicated to the Blessed Virgin".  After Rosemary was born five years later, Margaret Ann was suddenly allowed to wear red.  The picture on the right is Margaret Ann as a flower girl in her big sister, Edith's, wedding.  I love her curly hair!

Margaret Ann was the apple of her father's eye.  Apparently, Margaret Ann was so used to being treated as a princess that as the flood waters were coming up and the rest of the family was trying to move items to the second floor, Margaret Ann had to be asked if she thought she could help.  I recently "extracted" this fuzzy picture from a video shot in 1957 -- the sentiment is clear even if the picture is not.

Margaret Ann was the beauty of the East End -- no doubt about it.  I'll have to find out from her children what the occasion was for this picture.

She caught the eye of the East End "hunk", Tony. (Note to Scardinas:  I know you've got some great pics of your Dad.  Send them to me so I can replace this one).

Several years ago my brother, Tim, was working with a company that was taking down homes that had suffered severely from yet another Ohio River flood.  The people of the East End are not exactly welcoming to "outsiders".  One of the neighbors was giving Tim a hard time until he found out that Tim's father grew up on Eastern Ave.  As they continued the conversation, Tim was surprised to find out that the house they were taking down was the boyhood home of Tony Scardina.
I recognize the three Brevings in this wedding picture, but I will wait for the Scardinas to help me identify all members of the wedding party.  What a handsome couple they made!

Tony worked as a delivery man for Ruebel's delivering bread to local stores and delis. Sue reminded me that he was also an avid golfer getting four hole-in-ones.  But most importantly, Tony was the father of five beautiful children.

Starting with Jeanne on the left and moving in a clockwise direction, Patty, Susan, Tony and Nan are pictured.

Patty loves to tell the story that whenever they visited "my branch" of the family, her mother would make us out to be the "perfect" family with everyone washing and drying the dishes, etc. without complaint.  We were always held up to them as the "model".  

As a member of that branch, however, I can tell you for sure that there is nothing like the Scardinas.  When Margaret Ann was on her own, blind, and needing assistance from her children, I was impressed to find out that all five kids took responsibility for her daily care by way of a schedule they would FAX to each other.  You can't be around the Scardinas without laughing.  They are a joyous bunch, filled with stories and a unique view of catering to their mother as they grew up (thinking that was the norm).  I'm so happy that social networks like facebook are now available making it possible for all of us to "reconnect".
I hope that this post is the beginning of the conversation about the Scardina branch of the Jones family.  For now, let me leave you with a picture of Margaret Ann in 1957 holding her newest pride and joy -- Nan.

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  1. Oh my-this is the absolute sweetest gift you have given us Kath-thank you so much!!! Your Aunt margaret Ann,Uncle Tony & family were right-you are perfect!!! :0) xoxooxo


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