Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crashing the Ryan Dinner

Kath, Tim, Tom, Dusty and Linda Jones
When I realized how many people I did not photograph at today's get-together, two brothers and their wives and I decided to "crash" the Ryan monthly dinner. So five Joneses added their names to the 14 Ryans who actually had a reservation. There I was able to get many of the pictures I lacked taking earlier in the day.

Jim and Carol Ryan

Mike and Doloures Ryan
Kath, Pat Gallagher and Dan Ryan

Since our families are so large, we do not get together very often. We had a great time, made all the better because it was unplanned.
Pat, Kathy, Peggy and Terry
 So Paul and Mario -- email me a picture. I'll include it in this post.



  1. love the photos, the Jones photo is awesome, background makes it very stately photo. Thanks for crashing the dinner.

  2. Thanks for setting up the meeting on saturday, and all your work on family matter, may you be richly blessed.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Dan. It was great seeing you.


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