Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Honor of James Nicholaus Ryan

You knew this one was coming.  This morning descendants of Ray and Roy Ryan, brothers of James, got together to share stories, information and artifacts.  The children, grandchildren, and spouses from the Ray Ryan branch included Jim, Peggy and Tim Ryan, Pat and Matt Biederman, and Chris, Paul and Mark DiBenedetto and Paul's son, Mario.  Descendants of Roy Ryan included Jim Ryan and his wife. Carol, Pat Gallagher, Mike and his wife, Doloures, and Dan Ryan.  The Jones branch was represented by Tim and Dusty, and Kath. Evelyn and Charles McCafferty had to cancel due to illness.

We had a wonderful time.  Everyone brought artifacts and stories.  Starting with James Hugh Ryan (gr-grandfather to me) was a brass moulder by profession.  You can  read more about him here and here.
James Hugh Ryan, grandson of the first James Hugh brought a working brass cannon. Mike Ryan, great-grandson brought an eagle and a very interesting bottle opener.  Look at it carefully!

Pat Biederman, daughter of Ray, had several samples of Rose Ryan's embroidery.  She brought the piece pictured at the left that had never been completed.

She also had a lacy nightcap that Rose had made.  Rose's mother had at one time had an embroidery shop run in conjunction with her Becker siblings.

Pat also shared with us a purse her grandfather (James Hugh) had brought back from the 1904 World's Fair for her mother, Rose.

Matt and Pat Biederman with purse

Probably one of my favorite items was a very little change purse that had been on the person of James Hugh at the time of his death.  It contained three pennies from the 1890's.

In addition to those items pictured, Mike Ryan brought numerous pictures of our grandfather, Roy, and Matt Biederman brought many of the items featured earlier this month in posts about James Nicholaus, the sailor.

My only regret is that I was so focused on all of the wonderful stories and trying to figure out who belonged to whom that I neglected to get pictures of everyone in attendance. I guess that means we have to do it again. I did manage to get a picture of a some of the new to me second cousins and spouses.

Chris DiBenedetto, Tim Ryan, Mark DiBenedetto, and Matt Biederman
Jim, Tim and Peggy Ryan
Tim, Peggy, Mark, Matt, Pat and Mike Ryan

I apologize to Jim, Carol, Paul, Mario, Tim, Dusty, Pat, Dan and Doloures for not getting a picture of you.  Next time, we put someone in charge of photography.  I so enjoyed meeting everyone.


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