Monday, February 7, 2011

Ted's 55th Birthday!

Today is my brother Ted's birthday!  He is the 5th of seven children -- but he is the oldest of the three "little kids" in our family.  As mentioned in earlier posts the experiences of the "big kids" are completely different than those of the "little kids."  It's almost like we were not raised in the same family.

Ted was the clear leader of the little kids -- all three were boys.  He kept them in line (or so I hear). Dan and Don need to leave a comment. When "Teddy" was a baby, we idolized him.  We would all sing to him in his baby bed and make him laugh.  We used to have this stupid little song that we made up and would sing. The words were:
Teddydore, Teddydore, always standing by the door . . .
If he hollers let 'em go, he falls down on the floor.

This makes absolutely no sense, but I remember it to this day.  

We lived in our first house in Golf Manor until Ted was three. Here he is pictured celebrating his third birthday.  My mother was already pregnant with child number six.  Within four months of Ted's birthday, the family would have added Dan to the family and moved into a new (to us), bigger home.  

As I write this I was just hit by the fact that my Mom and Dad had to try to market a too small house with five kids when she was VERY pregnant.  In addition, with a six-week old baby they had to pack everything and move. No one got to be "the baby" for long.
Karen, Tim and Ted celebrating his 5th birthday.
Ted is the one standing in the middle.
There were a couple of really "hokey" songs that we used to sing that were on an old 78 RPM record -- google it.  One of them included a version of the "Happy Birthday" song that is sung in our family to this day.  A few years ago, my nephew Mark borrowed the record and digitized it.  So to honor Ted's birthday, I decided to dig up a few "old" pictures to go along with this "old" recording.

Ted -- be sure to check them out.  You may not even be aware that some of these pictures exist.  Happy birthday from all of us.

Links to the photoshows:  Open Your Gifts
                                        Happy Birthday (Jones Version)
Be sure to click to see them "full screen."


  1. Kath - this is great! What a surprise. I did not know about these pictures. Thanks so much. Love, Ted.

  2. On facebook, Jeanne Scardina Veeneman asked if it was Ted who used to iron dollar bills. Ted responded, Jeanne - I think that is an urban myth. I even used starch... Supposedly.

    Jeanne, I can tell you that your recollection is correct! Those stories could be a whole separate post.

  3. Hi Ted, that sure is a good looking guy standing behind you for your fifth birthday.

    By the way. The birthday song is song by Shorty Long on RCA Victor records.

  4. I love the picture of the whole family. After all this time, I didn't think there were any new ones. Was my dad ever a kid?

  5. okay, I watched the slideshows. Lots of kid pictures of my dad.


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