Monday, May 16, 2011

Brian and Shannon's Wedding

Shannon and Brian Jones
Their faces say it all!  Saturday, May 14th, my nephew, Brian, married his high school sweetheart.  What is amazing (and encouraging) is that their love for each other has survived taking time apart after high school graduation, Ohio State University, and moves to separate cities.  What a joyful day it was!

Dusty and Tim
 My purpose in writing this post is not so much to focus on the events of the day, but rather to include some pictures of my wonderful family.  Brian is the son of my brother, Tim, and his wife, Dusty.  Included in the wedding party was the sister of the groom, Lisa, her husband, Chip, and their older son, Will.  My great-niece, Savannah, was the flower girl.

Will and Savannah



Lisa and Will

Isaac, Chip and Lisa's youngest son, didn't seem to be too impressed about the rest of his family members participating in the wedding.  Here he is held by my niece, Tessa.

Of course, I have to include  pictures of my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.

There are SO many pictures I would have liked to include.  My suggestion to other family members is that you click on this link should you want to see more.  Needless to say, all of us were thrilled to welcome Shannon to the Jones family.  Nothing could make us happier!

My brother, Ted, driving the newlyweds away in his 1949 Packard.


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  1. The grins do say it all, may they always be just this happy! What a cute couple!


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