Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day in Eden

Cincinnati is known as the city of seven hills.  One of my favorite hills is one called Mt. Adams. There is a special city park nearby called Eden Park.  It has more than one view of the Ohio River.  The river is high now, but thankfully, not flooding like what is happening on the Mississippi. 

Today I got to spend with my grandson, Ian.  Of course, I had to take him to Eden Park so we could check out the river and the view of the bridges connecting Cincinnati with northern Kentucky.  If you want to make a "river rat" you must start working on them when they are young.

Since the last time I was there, the Park Board has installed a delightful play area close to the overlook.  It was perfect weather for Ian to explore all of the challenges the play area had in store for him.  One father from Puerto Rico was there with his two daughters and a neighbor.  We all had a great time.

One of the reasons we headed to the park is that it is also the home of the Krohn Conservatory. Each year, the Krohn Conservatory sponsors a butterfly show. This year, the show featured butterflies from Brazil. Each of the children was given a "flower" to wear on their finger to try to entice the butterflies to land on them. (Since I am a former science teacher, I immediately recognized an experiment. I wondered which color "flower" was most likely to attract the butterflies. What other variables, in addition to color, would have an effect on which "flowers" were selected by the butterflies)?

The one thing I did not anticipate was that Ian did not want to attract the butterflies to himself. He seemed OK with them landing in my hair and with other kids showing him butterflies they had "caught" -- but I never could convince him to try to catch one for himself.

It was a great day to be a Grandma!


  1. I don't like butterflies landing on me either. Looks like a fun day with Ian!

  2. These trips are what I call memory builders. Ian will always remember this trip to see the butterflied. Your pictures of the flowers and butterflies are beautiful
    Betty A.


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