Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virginia Vonderheide Ryan's 112th Birthday

On May 1, 1899 Virginia Elizabeth Vonderheide was born to August Vonderheide and Anna Moser.  My maternal grandmother was born in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky.

I'm sure that family already knows that I have written extensively about her.  Additional posts can be found by searching on her name in the search box. Today I just wanted to include a couple of my favorite pictures.

Virginia and daughters Florence, Virginia and Evelyn
Happy birthday, Grandma.  Thinking about you.


  1. The running board made a nice place to pose for photographs. She was a beautiful little girl.

  2. Love those little girl rag curls. And she drove. It just occurred to me that neither of my grandmothers could drive. Great photos and a day worth celebrating!

  3. Susan,
    I know when she began driving, you didn't need to have a Driver's License. Times have really changed.

  4. Those are great photos. Having your photo taken with the family car is one of the most common photo spots. It was something to be very proud of. Happy Birthday to your Grandma.

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandma! My maternal grandma was born in May too -- but 125 years ago! I'll be posting a bit about that in a few days, but I don't have such an adorable young photo like you post here -- love the little boots. She looks quite at home in that very cool car.


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