Friday, February 20, 2015

A Tribute to Thomas

Following Thomas' death, the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) published a tribute to Thomas, their well-loved brother.

The part that is most touching to me is the statement that "he was a devoted friend, a kind and affectionate father, and loving Husband, and in all these relations he will long be remembered by those who know him best."

As much as I know about Thomas, I long to know more. For instance,

  • Since he died of cirrhosis of the liver, was he an alcoholic? How did drinking impact his life or the lives of those around him?
  • He was growing award-winning potatoes a year before his death. How long before his death were his physical abilities impacted?
  • How did he feel about his son-in-law, John Cronin, husband of his daughter, Lucy?
  • Did his younger children have positive relationships with his grandchildren who were close in age?
  • What gave him his greatest joy -- wife, children, grandchildren, friendships?
My siblings and I frequently comment that we'd love to have one more day with our Dad who died too soon at the age of 57. Although I spend a considerable about of time trying to uncover the everyday lives of my ancestors, I count Thomas among the many with whom I'd love to spend a day. Which one of your ancestors would you most like the chance to spend one more day with?

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