Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gaming - 1860s Style

The more I know about Thomas Probert, the better I like him. On New Year's Day, 1865, Thomas and a few of his friends and neighbors were involved in "gaming!" Horror of horrors.

To quote the indictment:
The said Thos. H. Probert on the 1st day of January, 1865, in the County and Circuit aforesaid did unlawfully suffer and permit diverse persons to assemble upon his premises and in his house, therein his control and occupation, and did suffer and permit the said persons to assemble to play at diverse games of chance and hazard, at cards, such as euchre, poker, seven-up and on which said games money, property and things of value were bet, won and lost, and all of which he had due notice and permitted. 
Against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

A little context:
  • It was New Year's Day. 
  • They were in the 4th year of a horrible Civil War that had devastated the town.
  • They were at home, and surprisingly there was no indictment for selling spiritous liquors.
A little irony:
I went to "google" to look up the proper spelling for "euchre." This was the first thing that came up.

How things have changed in the 21st Century.

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