Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Happened to Kate? - Part 2

This we know for certain. Shortly after Thomas' death in October, 1876, Kate purchased a home located at this address on North Maysville, next door to the property of George Everett. We also know that the house underwent extensive remodeling and additions were added. What we don't know is whether or not parts of this beautiful structure were part of what she purchased.

Apparently, the Odd Fellows played some role in helping her get on her feet after Thomas died. One of the key members of the Odd Fellows, D.B. Garrison, provided assistance in one way or another for Kate to purchase this home. The total purchase price for this home in February, 1877, was $2700, The house was purchased within three months of Thomas' death.

Three years later, Kate and her daughters Mary Lou and "Maudia" were listed in the 1880 Census. Kate was listed as "keeping house" and the two girls were "at school."

I do know from other records, that Kate must have tried to bring in some income, because the Records of the Montgomery County Circuit Court include several instances where Kate had to sue to recover payment for services rendered.

These four lawsuits sought the recovery of $56.65 in 1877 dollars. It seems incredible that Kate would have to go to court to seek payment, but in looking at other records, this seemed to be common practice. It doesn't say what work she had completed for these clients.

Eventually, her girls would both marry, and this would become the "family home." Kate would live in this home for 16 years.

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