Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thomas Dies at Age 52

Grave marker at MacPhelah Cemetery
T. H. Probert died at the young age of 52 on October 9th, 1876. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Not only was he involved in the liquor trade from an early age, he lived during a time of incredible stress. What could be more stressful than the Civil War which took place in his early 40s?

In his two marriages, he had fathered nine children, but only four (all girls) survived to be adults -- two from his first marriage with Elizabeth Diamond and two with Kate Richardson. At the time of his death, Addie was 28 and married, Lucy was 24 and married.  Mary Lou aged 10 and Maud aged 5 were, of course, living at home with their mother, Kate.

It had to be hard for Kate. She was a 39-year old widow and mother of two young girls. She had also lost her main source of income. Luckily, she did benefit from her husband's association with the International Order of Odd Fellows whose mission included looking out for the welfare of the widow and children of their members.

Thomas H. Probert, Date of Death, October 9th, 1876

Apparently the informant, most likely Kate, was unaware of the name of either of Thomas' parents. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as she was his second wife, and his father, William, died nearly 40 years before his death. What would happen to his family now?

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