Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Happened to Kate? (The Final Chapter)

I wish that I could tell you that Kate had the opportunity to enjoy her retirement, kick her feet up, and enjoy a glass of wine. (Oh, wait -- that's me!) Instead she continued to experience loss. From  the 1900 Census, we know that Maggie Story, one of her step-grandchildren, was 26-years old, single, and also living with her.  Maggie died in Kate's home at the age of 28 after a lengthy illness. Pictured is Maggie Story's obituary. Apparently, she suffered from a "protracted illness." I don't even want to count up the number of children and grandchildren Kate lost in her life.

But Kate's death was on the horizon. Her obituary provides us with a LOT of information.

Transcription: Probert -- Kate Probert, relic of Thomas Probert, deceased, departed this life on Sunday night the 10th instant, at 11 0’clock, aged 65 years. Funeral service was conducted at her home on Sycamore Street on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock by her pastor. J. R. Hobbs of the Baptist church, and her remains were buried in Machpelah cemetery. Mrs. Probert had been a member of the Baptist church for many years and of the Mt. Sterling Baptist church since its organization in 1870, and as a Christian and church working woman, she was consistent in living and faithful in the discharge of religious duties. As a neighbor, friend, mother, step-mother and grand-mother, she was absolutely free from prejudice and favoritism and her endeavor was to be kind and just to all. She had been sick for more than eight years and such Christian fortitude in pain and sorrow has never been surpassed. The home will be lonely without  her, but the evidence she left of trustfulness and the Christian life will be sufficient to impress the living that she is in that home provided for her through Christ and where she abides others may attain through repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mrs. Probert leaves two daughters, Mrs. C.C. Coleman of Cincinnati, and Mrs. Maud Casey, of this city, and three grandchildren, Katie Mae and Ida Gorman and Georgia Casey. Mrs. Probert’s husband was an Odd Fellow and she gave evidence of their watchfulness and care for a brothers’ widow.

Mt. Sterling Advocate
March 23, 1905
Obituary for Catherine Richardson Probert

We know from the obituary that Kate had been ill for eight years previous to her death and that the illness must have resulted in quite a bit of pain. She was long-time member of the Baptist church and a charter member of the Mt. Sterling Baptist church. She is described as a "church working woman" who obviously was engaged in her church.

Kate was the mother of six biological children. Only two lived to be adults. Her two daughters were widowed young, and she took on the care of multiple grandchildren and one step-grandchild. Thomas was lucky to find such a life partner. And may I add that she is the gg-grandmother of my cousin, Barbara Kaiser Pharo. What a legacy Kate left.

Photo Credit: First Baptist Church
West Main Street
Courtesy of Lee Hoffman

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